Premium Grade, Extra Filtered, Crunchy Ijebu Garri – 1.6kg Packs

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The Food Mall is Africas Leading Global Food Mall and we deliver 100% Nigerian food products to its clients – locally and internationally, we deliver locally, nationwide, across africa and to the United Kingdom,the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia.  The Food Mall delivers its Garri in is ecofriendly packs and in bags in 12.5KG, 25KG, 50KG and 100KG – in wholesale and retail.


Nigerian Garri is known to be the best strain globally and we source, grow and package them at our facility in Nigeria in our export ready bags and packs; you will love the quality and the crunchiness of our Garri and how it melts in your mouth when swallowed with soups or taken as a cereal.

Premium Ijebu Garri is presorted, extra crunchy, very dry and – the premium version – SLAPS – if we can use that term.



All our packs of Garri are presorted and prepacked, free of sand, extra crunchy and can be delivered straight to your door – wherever in Nigeria you are. We have them in 1Kg, 2Kg and 2.5kg packs.
Nutritional Benefits Include:
  • Can be taken with local and exotic soups and meals.
  • Can be taken as an early morning cereal with milk, sugar, peanuts and more.
  • Packed in our ecofriendly packs and bags
  • 100% Grown, sourced and packed in Nigeria at our farm and packaging facility.
  • High in Fibre and proteins and a great source of carbohydrates.

If you have any questions about The Food Mall, contact AfriPass via 24/7 live chat, email or phone or our agent in your location globally.


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Weight 1.6 kg

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We Are Africa’s Leading & Largest Global Food Mall. 

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We grow,, promote, market and Deliver the highest quality 100% Prepacked Nigerian Food Products Only across our showroom locations in Uyo, Enugu, Dublin and London with 24/7 instore walk-ins and real-time delivery options with 100% AfriPass.NET MarketPlace  payment protection available on all orders;

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